Sonic The Hedgehog

Our Sonic github

A hand built engine for simulating the original Sonic the Hedgehog games for Sega Genesis. Pure javascript implementation.

Penguin Shuffle!

Penguin Shuffle!

A fun puzzle game for Android and IOS, built in C# using Xamarin, mono-game, and a custom engine.

Any Card Game

Any Card Game github

A game editor built to allow developers to create their own custom card games, have them hosted, any playable over the internet. The website incentivizes developers by giving them a cut of advertising revenue for their games. Development is ongoing.

Wire World

Wire World in Javascript github

An implementation of the Wire World cellular automaton computer in javacript.

Social War Games

Social War Games github

A social multiplayer game hosted serverlessly on aws

Bingo Block Party

Bingo Block Party github

A physics based multiplayer ball and bingo game. This product compiles to the Web, Android, and IOS using a custom engine. Still in development.

Server Clustering Algorithm

Server Clustering Algorithm

An implementation of how user clustering could work for a Massive Multiplayer game.

Mario AI

Mario AI youtube github

My AI agent for the 2009 MarioAI competition. Uses A* to pathfind through the level.

Javascript Profiler

Javascript Profiler github

A javascript profiler that supports line by line statistical analysis. Uses Istanbul and esprima for code instrumentation.

Javascript Profiler

Triangles Puzzle Game github

A rough implementation of an interesting puzzle game concept.

Hex Game Project

Hex Game Project github

Another rough implementation of an interesting puzzle game concept.

Cubic Bezier Curve

Cubic Bezier Curve

A very simple Cubic Bezier Curve implementation in javascript

Multiplayer Hexigon Maze

Multiplayer Hexagon Maze github

A party based maze game with a creative level layout. Maze layout done by Daniel Lu. Multiplayer facilitated through